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i'm kristen. a writer, an introvert, a mama bird. i live in the crooked pines of california with my husband & my daughter. i am here to make you feel warm. to soften and soothe all the tender spaces in your ribs. in my writing, i share honest, intimate and altogether ordinary tales about our sleepy little life, and the characters i meet.

i believe in the profound power of storytelling. in the sacredness of a common moment - something slow and warm and familiar, like the sound of a humming kettle, the soil-sweet smell of ground coffee beans, the way the light looks more milky on a sunday afternoon. my hope is that my stories may remind you to slow down, and to notice. feel me here, inviting you in, pouring you something warm to drink. sweet you, in all of your wild messiness and uncertainty, you are not alone.

i am certified as both a holistic health coach (AADP)
& a yoga siromani (200HR).

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something like the desert

kristen's first book, something like the desert, is a collection of short stories about love, loss, motherhood, and the simple things that surround her and turn her heart to honey. all of the stories are drawn from her own experiences, and the characters that she's grown fond of. there is a bit of her spirit enveloped in each of the pages - this is her heart in your hands.


mama, bare

The child was born, all pink and velvet and covered in white. And in that moment, we were born, too. Reborn: from Maiden, to Mother. Ego melted. This birth, the birth of Mother, is perhaps more difficult than the birth of our baby, for it is felt in the bones and the blood and the spirit. It is a transformation more sacred than any other, yet it is often overlooked. This book is a collection of 67 fleeting moments. Moments of birth, of death, of swelling hearts and overflowing joy. The moments when we became mother. They are told by the women who surround you. Who support you on sturdy shoulders. Who know you, even though they don't; who see you with eyes closed. This book is our heart in your hands. Be gentle with it.