on envy

It seems to me that a lot of things can be mended with a simple shift in perspective. Pulling open the curtains on a stormy day, for example, rather than drawing them closed. Picking out the patterns of the drops on the roof; tapping along to the tumbling song, rejoicing -- cleansed -- a Spring bird in the downpour. Choosing to thank the rain for blessing the Earth, rather than to cancel plans & curse the chilly weather.

My God, if we learned to accept -- to honor, even -- the rains in our life, we may find that we've gained a marvelous sense of wonder about the grass beneath our feet, the branches woven, brown with green with blue, above our heads.

The same goes for envy. Emotions like that are funny, the way they can set fire to your life, burn you up from the inside out. But it doesn't have to be so.

I believe strongly that we are not much more than walking mirrors, gently turning and reflecting back onto others that which they do not yet see in themselves. Envy may be the emotion that proves this the most. We want what we do not have. And when we see that others have what we want, we become bitter.

And yet, therein lies the perspective shift.

They are not reflecting that which we do not have. They're reflecting that which we cannot yet see within ourselves. So, rather than feeling bogged down by negative thoughts (you know the ones - "Why can't I be like her? Why don't I have nice things like that? Why can't I live my dream like he does?"), try thanking that Soul for reflecting back a glimpse of your True Nature.

"Thank you, sister. Thank you for showing me the light - for I know what I admire so much in you is only a reflection of what's possible in myself."